Manage your shop
with ease

Being a member of our community gives you access to our unique online platform. The advanced store management technology we’ve created simplifies management tasks and lets you monitor inventory, fulfilment, deliveries and more at the tip of your fingers.

Smooth flow of business

Our software is synched with delivery platforms, storage booking and more, so you can be sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

One platform to
manage them all

Our platform is fully integrated with many e-commerce and shipping platforms, so everything is focused in one place, keeping things simple and efficient.

Know what’s
going on

By managing your business with an online platform you can get live insights that will help you make better decisions. Remember – knowing leads to growing.

Get connected to
other members

Via our platform you can be a part of a network of like minded business owners like you. Working together with a community will allow you to make connections, share knowledge and work together.

Optimize your

Being connected and updated upgrades your efficiency and improves customer flow. You might find out that you can use some more storage, you lack some inventory or that your way of delivery is the best way.

Count, deliver
and fulfil

Once you connect to our software, you can manage your inventory count, link your delivery platform and follow your flow until full fulfilment. The info about your flow is there for you anytime you need it.


Your future storage space is one touch away. No matter when or where, you can change your storage space plan increasing or decreasing to suit your needs.


Using our marketplace gives you access to vetted discounted services. Choose between offers from photographers, online marketers, accountants and more. You can complete the whole process via the platform, from searching to payment.

Making it simple by fully integrating with
Come see for yourself!

If you are curious and want to know more about ehouse, if you are an online business owner that would like to succeed where many have already developed and thrived, if you believe in innovation and teamwork, reach out and join us!